Aspects of Fashion

Fashion; one of the worlds largest topics out. Fashion can be expressed in many ways, not only through clothing. Accessories, make up, shoes and how you style certain things define the type of style you have. Everyone has a different sense of style, some like certain things others might not. The good thing about fashion is you can mess with it; you can create your own looks, style things your own way, and wear what you like not what others like. Your style defines you’re personal image, brands or no brands you are who you are. Here’s a short video below that I’ve created myself for educational purposes to represent an intro for fashion. I want to give credit to Taylor Swift for the magnificent song helping me explain my work visually. This video once again is used for fair educational purposes. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

The reason why i created is i wanted to show some of the aspects in fashion like hair, make up etc. Fashion isn’t just about the clothing and most people don’t quite get that but everyone has their own opinions and differences. Fashion is very important in the time in age because it represents you’re personal image, what others see you as. Many girls now a days see someone with something cute, then automatically want it they get it because they want to fit in with the crowd. Jewelry is a great essential to use when incorporating it with certain styles, it adds more to the outfit then it just being plain.


Not only is jewelry a great essential but shoes are also 🙂 i know for a fact I’m not the only girl in this world who loves shoes. The thing about shoes is theres billions of different styles of shoes. Different brands, textures ad looks. You’re dream pair of shoes are out there trust me. Even though shoes are something that cover our feet, they complete our outfits. For an example heels, some heels may be uncomfortable like we all know but we still use them. Wanna know why? Because it looks amazing with the outfit we’re wearing. The things we do for beauty am i right ? 🙂 ! But guess what? it looks good so why not risk feeling uncomfortable for a little while. Heels makes a big difference to not only wearing a dress but business wear, dates, parties, dances etc.



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