The Importance of a Fashion

Fashion Shows help many designers to sell there clothing like Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. Many critics, celebrities, locals and also other designers go to watch these fashion shows. Designers kill to have the chance to present there clothing because fashion shows are so important to the clothing line it’s crazy.


Many designers chose the right models for every type of styles they have, which is fascinating. For a fashion show everything has to be perfect, like lighting, music, and the “walk”. It creates an affect to each certain category for several different designs. It also creates a  mood and theme, you cant just have a fashion show with not really great lighting, music and theme. Reasons why i say this is the clothing won’t sell, if the viewer did not have a great time at the fashion show or not have a very good feeling or visual for that particular style theres a very low percent that they will invest in it.


Also i wanted to let you all know that this website > < is a very great website to use if your interested in fashion shows near by your planning to see. It gives you all types of different categories that lead you to future fashion shows and also to view there collection which will be presented at that fashion show. In my experience i think this website and simple and great to use and if your interested in more about fashion shows I’d click that link !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heres a picture of what the website looks like that i stated above 🙂 Enjoy !

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 1.40.26 PM



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