Inspired At A Young Age

My name is Chelsey, I’m 16 years old living in a world revolving around fashion. Ever since I was little I loved the concept of dress up, all the pretty dresses, shoes and accessories. I loved the vibrant colors and the unique designs others used. I grew up watching the trend of fashion change in front of my eyes. As a young child not many kids cared about the way they dressed, many refuse to even put them on. Out of all the kids in my age division I was different, I loved changing into different things and different styles.

fashion photo 3

I was very passionate about it; I used to draw mini sketches of things I would want to exist later on in life. I used different colors and styles for each one of them. Every time I finished working on one I would hang it up on my reserved wall. By the time I was 10 years old I had a wall full of sketches I had created as I grew. I always wanted to share my opinions with others like tips and ways to style certain things. I want to inspire others, as I was inspired at a young age. I want to show others many fashion trends they possibly have never tried or seen before.

fashion sketch one

Fashion is a big thing as not only a teen but also an adult, many people day by day are judged by others by the way they dress and act. Not every one has to be the same; everyone has their own taste and style. I believe its time to show it, express yourself and be confident about it. I believe my time has come to; I was inspired by fashion very young. I hope I can inspire you the same way they did to me.

fashion photo 2